Why you are losing data

HTTPS secure address bar

Search engines pass the information along about where your visitors came from including essential details like keywords. These are helpful metrics for you to analyze and take action on to improve your organic search traffic.

Where is the referral information?

If this is true, then why are you getting traffic labeled as direct/(none)? There are some people that will bookmark your site or your web application, but if the number of visitors who are being labeled as direct/(none) has increased, then there is something you can do to gain more insights.

If a website is on https:// and are linking out or redirecting to a http:// website, the browser will not send referrer data because of security reasons.

Google, Facebook, and Twitter (among thousands of other sites) are HTTPS secure. If your site is not secure, then you’re losing out on important metrics that can help your business. 3 out of the Big 4 professional sports leagues in North America operate unsecured sites. Their business is in branded terms related to ticket sales or merchandise. Just like them, you already own the space for your branded keywords like the ‘phoenix suns’.

Google search for Phoenix Suns

Internationally recognized Facebook marketing expert Dennis Yu states:

“If your site isn’t https (secure, as evidenced by the lock closing in the browser), then you’re not going to show up as often in search results and you’ll lose track of referral traffic sources.”

The importance of HTTPS for tracking accuracy

A focus of the digital plumbing process is aligning your efforts across channels to accurately track and gain insights into your visitors. Google, Facebook, and other sites that you’re using to obtain website traffic are already HTTPS enabled and will pass along valuable insights if you allow them too.

As a data-driven marketer, you should implement site-wide HTTPS to help accurately capture important referral information and maximize your site traffic. Along with focusing on keeping your data clean, you can implement a tag manager to improve your site speed and tie together your omnichannel efforts.

Be sure your digital plumbing is in order, whether you do it yourself or bring in an expert.